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American industrialist who is credited with bringing the affordable automobile to the mass market.

Henry Ford


Famous for his expeditions to find a North West Passage to China, he had a river and huge bay named after him.

Henry Hudson


American actor, director, and producer still most famous for his role as Arthur Fonzarelli.

Henry Winkler


Henry Fonda had a long acting career spanning 5 decades but had to wait until his final film to receive a Best Actor Academy Award, for which film?

On Golden Pond


Henry Kissinger is still remember for his work as US Secretary of State and the role he played in ending the Vietnam war and opening links with China. Where was he born?

Bavaria, Germany


English actor famous for his role as Clarence Odbody in the film It's a Wonderful Life.

Henry Travers


English boxer known for the power of his left hook and as of 2016 the only boxer to be awarded a Knighthood.

Henry Cooper


The English king Henry VIII was married 6 times. What was the name of his last wife?

Catherine Parr


British standup comedian and co-founder of the Comic Relief charity.

Lenny Henry


French footballer who played for, amongst others, Barcelona, and Arsenal.

Thierry Henry