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One half of a legendary comic duo, they starred in many films in the early days of cinema
Oliver Hardy


Prolific film director and writer, amongst many others he directed Born on the Fourth of July
Oliver Stone


Originally the MP for Huntington, he lead one side in the English civil war.
Oliver Cromwell


Oliver Platt played Harry Rex Vonner alongside Matthew McConaughey and Samuel L Jackson in the film based on the John Grisham book of the same title. Name the film.
A Time to Kill


English actor and hellraiser who starred in Women in Love.
Oliver Reed


American Lieutenant Colonel who came to the public's attention when his role in the sale of arms to Iran and the channelling of profits to Nacaragua came to light
Oliver North


A South African anti-apartheid politician who served as President of the African National Congress (ANC) from 1967 to 1991.
Oliver Tambo


Owner of the company that made the famous Henry Rifle and went on to develop the repeating rifle described as 'the gun that won the west'. Name him.
Oliver Winchester


Celebrity chef who is known for his campaigns for food education.
Jamie Oliver


English comedian and political commentator, known in America for hosting Last Week Tonight, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
John Oliver