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English film and television actor and director who is best known as vampire Bill Compton in the HBO series True Blood.
Stephen Moyer


The most famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist alive today.
Stephen Hawking


American author whose first novel, Carrie, was published in 1973.
Stephen King


English comedian, actor, writer and national treasure, he was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his performance as Oscar Wilde.
Stephen Fry


Former magician turned TV presenter known for Catchphrase, and Big Star's Little Star.
Stephen Mulhearn


Co-writer of The Office, this comedian is best known for his collaberations with Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington.
Stephen Merchant


American composer and lyricist, and probably the best-known artist in American musical theater. He wrote the lyrics for West Side Story.
Stephen Sondheim


He was the youngest Snooker professional at just 16 and the youngest Snooker World Champion aged only 21.
Stephen Hendry


Original member of the group Boyzone, he tragically died aged just 33.
Stephen Gately


American musician and multi-instrumentalist, best known for his collaberations with David Crosby and Graham Nash.
Stephen Stills