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All the answers have a first or second name beginning with the letter U


American actress who found fame in the film Pulp Fiction.
Uma Thurman


Swiss actress still remembered as Bond girl Honey Ryder in Dr No.
Ursula Andress


Simply the fastest sprinter who has ever lived.
Usain Bolt


Irish rock band.


Former TV weather presenter and host of Gladiators.
Ulrika Jonsson


English actress known for her role in Till Death Us Do Part, and as Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge.
Una Stubbs


English actor, humourist, writer, broadcaster, born to Russian parents. Remembered for playing Hercule Poirot amongst many other parts.
Peter Ustinov


English actress and comedian who found fame in the sketch show Three of a Kind. She is as famous in the USA as the UK and recently returned to the UK with a new sketch show.
Tracey Ullman


Former R.A.F pilot and Rugby Union player for Leicester and England.
Rory Underwood


An illusionist born in Israel, who made a career 'bending spoons'.
Uri Geller