February 2017 News Quiz (Round 1)

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John Bercow has come under fire from some quarters and been praised by others because of his stance on Donald Trump - what position does Bercow hold?
Speaker of the House of Commons


Which sport has been granted £16.9 million in a bid to lure more women back into sport?


Which pop star leapt off the stadium roof in their performance at the 51st SuperBowl final?
Lady Gaga


The German retailer Aldi has just become the fifth largest supermarket chain in the UK after passing which other group?


The merger between the London Stock Exchange and which other exchange is looking increasingly uncertain following issues since the Brexit vote?
Deutsche Börse


Arnaud Gabas suffered bruising to his left eye after Denis Shapovalov hit him with what?
A tennis ball


Donald trump was reported to have hung up on a telephone call to which head of state during a heated exchange over immigration.
Malcolm Turnbull - Australian Prime Minister


Alistair Cook has just resigned as England cricket captain, but what county does he play for?