General Knowledge (IRE) Quiz Round 2

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Which man lead Dublin to All-Ireland Football Final wins in 2013, 2015 and 2016?

Jim Gavin


Conor McGregor won a 2016 rematch with which welterweight UFC fighter?

Nate Diaz


Which Irish blues musican performed with Taste before going on to have a successful solo career before his death in 1995?

Rory Gallagher


'Stone fort' is the English translation for this County Kerry mountain which is the third highest in Ireland.



Which county was the last of the 32 traditional counties to be formed in 1606, using land previously part of Dublin and Carlow?

County Wicklow


Which politician served three terms as Taoiseach, finally leaving the post for the final time in February 1992?

Charles Haughey


Which show that depicted the Dublin underworld was first shown on RTE in 2010 and starred Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Nidge?



Golfer Graeme McDowell was born in which northern seaside town?



In which year did Michael Flatley and Jean Butler stun the continent with their Eurovision Riverdance performance?

a) 1992 b) 1994 c) 1996

b) 1994


Which river flows through Wicklow, Carlow and Wexford before entering St. George's Channel in the Irish Sea?

River Slaney