February 2018 News Quiz (Round 1)

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Which team won the 2018 NFL Super Bowl with a 41-33 victory over New England Patriots

a) Philadelphia Eagles b) New York Jets c) Dallas Cowboys

a) Philadelphia Eagles


British actor John Mahoney passed away this week. In which US sitcom did he play the cranky Martin Crane?



England kicked off their Six Nations rugby union campaign with a 46-15 win over which opponent?



Chelsea fell to a 4-1 defeat at the hands of which Hertfordshire club on Monday night?



Actress June Spencer who plays Peggy Woolley has called for cast members to be acknowledged in which BBC radio show’s end credits?

The Archers


Chris Hemsworth has admitted he may to be open to starring a remake of which cult Australian film following his appearance in a tourism video?

Crocodile Dundee


What is the name of the SpaceX CEO behind Tuesday’s successful Falcon Heavy from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida?

Elon Musk


Which US musician has announced a series of farewell shows entitled Homeward Bound?

Paul Simon