Films of 2015 Quiz Round 2

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All the questions are connected to films released in the year 2015.


Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the film tells the story of a frontiersman's fight for survival on a fur trading expadition. Name the film.

The Revenant


Tom Hardy, who also starred in the above film with DiCapri, starred in another 2015 film which depicted a notorious London crime empire in the 1960's. Who did Tom Hardy portray?

Ronnie and Reggie Kray


The latest in the series of Star Wars films was released in 2015, what was its full title?

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens


The director of the above Star Wars film also directed the 2013 movie - Star Trek into Darkness. Name the Director.



Starring Samuel L. Jackson, this film tells the story of a bounty hunter and his prisoner who find shelter in a cabin already occupied by a number of shady characters.

The Hateful Eight


Who wrote and directed the film?

Quentin Tarantino


This English actress starred in the 2015 film Sicario, she was also the female lead in Edge of Tomorrow. Name her.

Emily Blunt


Film starring Michael B Jordan, and Sylvester Stallone who reprises his role of Rocky Balboa. Name the film.



This film tells the story of 5 men who formed probably the world's most dangerous musical group N.W.A. Name the film

Straight Outta Compton


Starring Vin Diesel and Rose Leslie (of Game of Thrones fame), what was the title of this supernatural, action film?

The Last Witch Hunter