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Floyd Patterson was a world champion in which sport?



The 2002 Winter Olympic Games were held in which U.S. city?

Salt Lake City, Utah


A 'raw run' is a term used within which sporting community?



Which London football club play their home games at Loftus Road?

Queens Park Rangers


Grégory Gaultier is the 2016 World Champion of which racket sport?



The first major event at which stadium saw Wales beat South Africa 29-19 in June 1999?

The Millennium Stadium, Cardiff


Which player won the Golden Ball award for the best player at the 2014 football World Cup?

Lionel Messi


The England rugby union national side won 67 of 91 games with which player at fly half?

Jonny Wilkinson


In which Olympic sport might you have a bind, a counter-parry or a Prise de Fer?



'Prepared' is the traditional motto of which English football club?

Aston Villa