Joan Eileen Hocquard of Poole, Dorset (Round 65)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


Which Premier League football club played at The Dell until 2001?



How many General Elections did the Labour Party win under Tony Blair's leadership?



Which dance move swept the internet in 2016, where the dancer simultaneously drops their head while raising an arm and the elbow?

The dab


Elisha Otis is generally considered to be the inventor of which form of transportation?

The lift (elevator)


Which two colours are associated with Halloween?

Orange and black


Which controversial Australian tennis player pulled out of the 2016 Rotterdam Open to play in an NBA celebrity game?

Nick Kyrgios


Which accolade was passed to Joan Eileen Hocquard of Poole Dorset on 28th May 2020?

Oldest person in the UK at 112 years of age


Which is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?



Who is the father of American actor and rapper Jaden Smith?

Will Smith


What colour are Amazonite gemstones?