Food and Drink Quiz (Round 12)

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The cocktail Kir Royal consists of which 2 ingredients?

Creme de Casis and Champagne.


What are the 3 main ingredients of a Mocha?

Chocolate, espresso and hot milk.


Beef jerky probably originated in South American, but what is Jerky?

It is a form of meat preservation in which the meat is dried to prevent it from spoiling.


A Scandinavian meal served buffet style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods is known as a what?



What is added to a Croque Monsieur to make it a Croque Madame.

A fried egg is added to the baked or fried ham and cheese sandwich


Where did Mulligatawny soup originate?



How would you make the drink ‘snakebite’?

Mix together equal parts of cider and lager.


If a spice is described as ‘agridulce ‘ what does it mean.

Agridulce means bitter-sweet.