Football World Cup Quiz Round 1

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Which player scored the first ever goal in World Cup history?

Lucien Laurent


True or false: The French sculptor Rodin designed the famous Jules Rimet Trophy?

False, it was Abel Lafleur


Lothar Matthaus played in how many World Cup tournaments?



Naranjito was the mascot for which tournament?

Spain 1982


What was the first Asian country to appear in the finals of the World Cup tournament?

Dutch East Indies in 1938 (now Indonesia)


Oleg Salenko wrote himself into World Cup history by scoring how many goals during Russia's 1994 World Cup Finals group match against Cameroon?



Which player holds the record for being the oldest ever to appear in a World Cup?

Faryd Mondragon


Which sportswear company produced the ball used in the 1966 World Cup Final?