Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford (Round 136)

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Which is the first zodiac sign to start in a new year?


Rhea Perlman was best known for her role as waitress Carla Tortelli in which tv show?


Which actor played heroin addict Mark Renton in the drama films Trainspotting and T2 Trainspotting?
Ewan McGregor


Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford were the first celebrities to leave their footprints in concrete where?
Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.


The Methodist movement derive their inspiration from the life and teachings of who?
John Wesley


AT&T provides voice, video and internet services, but what did the letters AT&T originally mean?
American Telephone and Telegraph


The Siege of Ladysmith took place during which wars?
The Boer Wars


The synthetic material Nylon is named after the two cities it was developed in New York and London. True or False?


According to the bible, who was apostle Peter's brother?


Lampblack is known as the crude form of which element?