The War of the Roses (Round 149)

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The 1455 to 1487 'Wars of the Roses' took place between which two rival branches of the of the royal House of Plantegenet?

House of Lancaster & House of York


Peter Gene Hernandez is the birth name of which Honolulu born American singer-songwriter?

Bruno Mars


Which German trance group had a UK number one in April 2000 with 'Toca's Miracle'?



Rafiki, Timon and Zazu are all characters from which Disney musical?

The Lion King


Which 'I' is a thing providing protection against a potential eventuality?



Which Hollywood actor played Josh in 'Big' and Andrew Beckett in 'Philadelphia'?

Tom Hanks


Which English football referee officiated both the 2016 Champions League Final and the UEFA Euro 2016 Final?

Mark Clattenburg


Which painter said 'Everything you can imagine is real.'?

Pablo Picasso


From the nursery rhyme 'One, Two, Buckle My Shoe' complete the following line: 'Five, Six... ?'

Pick up sticks


Who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1945 and 1951?

Clement Attlee