All About That Bass (Round 170)

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Who was 'All About That Bass' in 2014?

Meghan Trainor


The Ancient Greeks burnt the herb Thyme as incense believing it was a source of: a) Courage b) Wisdom c) Good Health

a) Courage


What was the name of Roy Cropper's cafe in Coronation Street?

Roy's Rolls


'Wall of Glass' was the first single taken from the debut solo album of which British front man?

Liam Gallagher


Which 'P' is a person who is taught by another?



Sam Allardyce managed England for just one game, a 1-0 win over which nation? a) Scotland b) Slovenia c) Slovakia

c) Slovakia


The 2000 hit single 'Try Again' was featured on which film soundtrack starring Jet Li and Aaliyah? a) Cradle to Grave b) Romeo Must Die c) Rush Hour

b) Romeo Must Die


Which English TV presenter and mathematician has presented the Channel 4 quiz show Countdown since 2009?

Rachel Riley


Which British Prime Minister was known as 'Big Jim'?

James Callaghan


Which 'V' was a video service where users could share six second long video clips?