There's a Fire Starting in my Heart (Round 181)

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Which artist had 2007 hits with 'Grace Kelly' and 'Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)'?



Who played Mark Watney in the 2015 Ridley Scott film The Martian?

Matt Damon


Which 'C' is a type of cone-bearing seed plant in tree or shrub form?



In 1911 Marie Curie became the first woman to win which award?

Nobel Prize for Chemistry


What is the name of the pub run by Harry Fenton in Peaky Blinders?

The Garrison


Which 'L' is the type of acid produced as a waste product during anaerobic respiration?



Heather Stanning is a famous name in which British Olympic sport?



True or false: Snakes don't have eyelids



Which Adele track begins: 'There's a fire starting in my heart'?

Rolling in the Deep


Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun comprise which American musical group?

a) Fall Out Boy b) Twenty One Pilots c) Imagine Dragons

b) Twenty One Pilots