Keep Your Friends Close... (Round 189)

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Dominic West portrayed which Welsh actor alongside Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor?

Richard Burton


Born William Michael Albert Broad, which English musican had a 1983 hit with Rebel Yell?

Billy Idol


Complete the proverb: 'Keep your friends close and your enemies ...'?



What make of car helped Marty McFly head to 1955?



Which American pop star has the birth name Kathryn Hudson?

Katy Perry


William Cullen of the University of Glasgow first demonstrated the effectiveness of an early version of which common kitchen appliance in 1748?



What was the name of the ship Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to the 'New World' in 1492?

Santa Maria


In the animated series Rick and Morty, which is Morty's surname?

a) Taylor b) Smith c) Morris

b) Smith


Caracas is the capital city of which country?



Which English football league club play their home games at Boundary Park?

Oldham Athletic