General Knowledge Quiz Round 25

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In an open letter to fans, which singer wrote 'and I'm sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened' in 2015?



The Aidensfield Arms was a pub in which fictional television drama?



Teatro Colon is a famous opera house in which country?



Who succeeded Steve Jobs as chief executive of Apple?

Tim Cook


Complete the proverb, 'No man is a...' what?



Ayurveda is a system of preventive medicine and health care that developed in which country more than 5,000 years ago?



What was the occupation of Mr Creevey in the Harry Potter book series?



Which British rock band includes Kelly Jones, Robert Jones and Adam Zindani?



Ian McEwan's book The Innocent is set in which European city?



As of 2016, who is fourth in line to the British throne?

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge