Kind Hearts and Coronets (Round 200)

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Both George Stephenson and Sir Winston Churchill have featured on which British banknote?



Which is there more of in the universe? a) Hydrogen b) Oxygen c) Nitrogen

a) Hydrogen


Come Away with Me was a 2002 hit album for which female artist?

Norah Jones


Which bridge, one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States, was completed in 1883 and spans the East River?

Brooklyn Bridge


The films Kind Hearts and Coronets and The Lavender Hill mob were filmed at which studios?



Which football team were known as the 'Biscuitmen' up until the 1980's?



Who is famed for rescuing survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire off the coast of Northumberland in 1838?

Grace Darling


At Hogwart's school, how are pupils assigned to their houses?

Magical Sorting Hats


Film and television actor Michael J Fox was born in which country?



Which country had the Escudo as it's currency before the Euro?