Bedfordshire, Blood Red and Lancastrian (Round 213)

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The UK towns of Bootle and Birkenhead sit on which river?



What did Charles Babbage invent in 1835?

a) Computer b) Car c) Electric Battery

a) Computer


In architecture, which ‘AD’ term describes a popular 1930s design style featuring bold outlines and geometric shapes?

Art Deco


Mark Zuckerberg founded which social network in February 2004?



Bedfordshire, Blood Red and Lancastrian are all types of which vegetable?



Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham in which 1999 film?

American Beauty


Which item of clothing took its’ name from a garment worn by James Thomas Brudenell to stave off severe cold during the Crimean War?

Cardigan (He was the 7th Earl of Cardigan)


Which astronomer was named ‘Astronomer Royal’ in 1995?

a) Sir Martin Rees b) Sir Arnold Wolfendale c) Roger Blandford

a) Sir Martin Rees


ANZAC was a First World War army corps featuring soldiers from which two countries?

Australia and New Zealand


Singing sisters Natalie and Nicole Appleton of All Saints fame were born in which country?

a) England b) Canada c) USA

b) Canada