The Marquis of Queensbury (Round 216)

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Sir Nicholas Grimshaw is best known for his work on the terminal at London’s Waterloo station, the Cutty Sark conversion project and which popular Cornish visitors’ attraction?

The Eden Project


Which ‘AG’ emerged into the art world in the 1980s with his ‘Another Place’ exhibition which is now permanently situated on Crosby Beach?

Antony Gormley


Which batsman holds the highest individual scorer in test match cricket having scored 400 against England in 2003-04?

Brian Lara


Lake Victoria, spanning Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya is the largest reservoir of which river?

The Nile


Which planet sits between Saturn and Neptune in it’s proximity to the sun?



The Marquis of Queensbury formalised rules for which sport?



Actor Dominic Monaghan of Lost and the Lord of the Rings fame was born in which country?

a) England b) Germany c) USA

b) Germany


On your payslip, what do the initials PAYE stand for?

Pay As You Earn


Which ‘B’ is an internet dating app that only permits women to start a chat with their love matches?



What did the Wright Brothers invent in 1903?