Anger Is An Energy (Round 220)

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True or false; the world’s longest bridge is over 100 miles in length?

True: between Beijing and Shanghai


Which former Sex Pistol wrote an autobiography entitled ‘Anger is an Energy’?

John Lydon


Ford Maddox Brown was a French-born painter best associated with which British city? 

a) London b) Birmingham c) Manchester

c) Manchester


What piece of equipment did James Hargreaves invent in 1764?

Spinning Jenny


Wandsworth, Woolwich and Harrow are all boroughs of which British city?



In architecture, which ‘B’ is a German school of design founded by Walter Gropius in 1919?

a) Bauhaus b) Brutalism c) Blobitecture

a) Bauhaus


The Aviator starring Leonardo DiCaprio is a 2004 biopic of which American?

Howard Hughes


Monarch Edward IV ruled which sport illegal in 1477?



Which ‘BBT’ was first formulated by George Lemaitre and suggests that the universe formed billions of years ago and has been expanding ever since?

Big Bang Theory


Which New York museum is known by the initials MOMA?

Museum of Modern Art