Not In My Back Yard! (Round 230)

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American singer Roger Miller is perhaps best known for which hit song and karaoke classic?
'King of the Road'


The Tea bag was introduced by which company in 1953?


In ancient Rome which ranked higher a Senator or a Consul?


What is the name for the object that is placed either side of an aeroplane wheel to stop it rolling?


The opera Aida by Verdi, is set in which country?


Which dinosaur when translated from the latin means 'swift robber'?


The Pioneer Cabin Tree, considered one of the U.S.'s most famous trees and estimated to be over 1000 years old was toppled in a storm in 2017. What type of tree was it?
A giant sequoia


The Anne Frank House museum which opened in 1960 is in which city?


Who was the Japanese Emperor at the start of World War II?


NIMBY is an example of which grammatical term?