Resign! The Suez Fiasco (Round 245)

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2019 General Knowledge

Robert De Niro is James Conway and Ray Liotta is Henry Hill in which 1990 mobster film?



True or false; author JK Rowling was previously a beautician?

False; she was a teacher


Which 'JLB' is known as the 'Father of the Television'?

John Logie Baird


Sisters Anne, Charlotte and Emily were members of which nineteenth-century literary family?

Bronte family


In fashion, which 'L' is a common name for blue denim jeans?



The Oresund Bridge connects Denmark with which neighbouring country?



Which British Prime Minister resigned in 1957 following the Suez fiasco?

Anthony Eden


In Italian cooking, which 'T' is a ribbon-shaped pasta?



'A Tale of Two Cities' is a book written by which author?

Charles Dickens


Trachoma is a contagious disease affecting which body part?

The eye