The Fiery Angel (Round 246)

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2019 General Knowledge

The Fiery Angel is a 1954 opera from which Russian composer?

a) Sergei Prokofiev b) Igor Stravinsky c) Maurice Ravel

a) Sergei Prokofiev


'How Deep is Your Love' was a UK number one single for which group in March 1996?

Take That


In Greek history, who was the last king of Lydia, famed for his vast wealth?

a) Solon b) Croesus c) Cressida

b) Croesus


Which flower is sometimes known as 'Traveller's Joy'?



Which bird, a member of the crow family, is known for its jet black plumage?



Which famous leader said 'England is a nation of shopkeepers'?

Napoleon Bonaparte


John Sentamu took on which religious title in 2005?

Archbishop of York


In Physics, matter has three fundamental states; gas, solid and ...?



Which British monarch was known as 'Bloody Mary'?

Mary I


In 2012, Chelsea beat which German team on penalties to win the Champions League final?

Bayern Munich