The Bard of Avon (Round 242)

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Kracow is the former capital of which European country?



The Cheviots are a mountain range mostly situated in which British county?

a) Sussex b) Kent c) Northumberland

c) Northumberland


Clint Eastwood plays Frankie Dunn in which 2004 Boxing movie starring Hilary Swank?

Million Dollar Baby


Collingwood, Ustinov and John Snow are colleges at which Northern England university?



Which female American country music singer died in a place crash in 1963 aged just 30?

a) Patsy Cline b) Loretta Lynn c) Tammy Wynette

a) Patsy Cline


True or false; Shredded Wheat was the UK's first ready to eat breakfast cereal?



The 'Bard of Avon' is a nickname for which famous British playwright?



Which 'C-M' is a toasted cheese sandwich with ham served in France?


Cruzcampo, San Miguel and Estrella are beer best associated with which country?



The Strait of Dover connects which two countries?

England & France