Super Bowl Quiz (Round 1)

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Questions about the Super Bowl LIII final


The Patriots beat the Rams by 13 points to 3, but what was special about the score?
It was the lowest in Super Bowl history


Who won the MVP award? a) Tom Brady b) Jason McCourty c) Julian Edelman
c) Julian Edelman


The New England Patriots have now won the title 6 times, a record they share with which other team?
Pittsburgh Steelers


How many times have the Patriots been in the final? a) 9 b) 11 c) 13
b) 11


Who is the Patriots Head coach who has been in charge for all of their Super Bowl wins?
Bill Belichick


Tom Brady holds the record for being the oldest Quarterback to win a Super Bowl but how old was he when he won Super Bowl LIII (53)? a) 39yrs and 147 days b) 40yrs and 105 days c) 41yrs and 184 days
c) 41yrs and 184 days


The 53rd Super Bowl was held in which city?


What is the name of the Patriots home stadium?
Gillette Stadium