General Knowledge Quiz Round 8

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'Woman with a Hat' and 'Nu Bleu' are notable works by which French painter?

Henri Matisse


'Road to Rouen' is the fifth studio album by which British group?



Cornu Aspersum is the common name of which mollusc?

Garden snail


Which British Prime Minister was born at Blenheim Palace in November 1874?

Sir Winston Churchill


What is the name of the mountain region that separates France and Spain?

The Pyrenees


Directed by Carol Reed, which 1949 film starring Orson Welles top a 1999 BFI poll as the greatest British film of the 20th century?

The Third Man


Which Scottish DJ was born Adam Richard Wiles in January 1984?

Calvin Harris


Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and which other club are the only sides to have won the English title three seasons in succession?

Huddersfield Town


'Land and Freedom' directed by Ken Loach features which 20th century war?

Spanish Civil War


A Waning Gibbous and a Waxing Gibbous are two examples of what?

Phases of the Moon