Should I Stay or Should I Go (Round 82)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


What type of animal is a Gharial?
A large reptile (related to the alligator) 


Flamenco originated in which region of Spanish?


Gdansk Airport in Poland is named after who?
Lech Walesa


Sir Francis Drake's galleon was the Golden Hind, but what was it called at the start of it's circumnavigation of the globe?
The Pelican - Drake renamed it mid-voyage


In the periodic table of elements, which element has the symbol As?


Uraguay won the inaugural Football World Cup, but who did they beat 4-2?


What is the name for the process plants use to turn sunlight into glucose, co2, and water?


In Raiders of the Lost Ark, what is Indy hired by the U.S.Government to find?
The Ark of the Covenant


In Roman mythology, who was the Messenger of the gods?


"Should I Stay or Should I Go" was a UK hit for which group in 1991?
The Clash