Seven Premier League Titles in Nine Seasons (Round 227)

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Sam Worthington plays Jake Scully in which 2009 3D film by James Cameron?



Which of the traditional planets of the solar system is closest to the sun?



Which avant-garde British artist born in 1965 became known for his work preserving dead animals in formaldehyde? He won the Turner Prize in 1995.

Damien Hirst


Which sport did James Gibb invent in 1890?

Table tennis


Which team won the title in seven of the first nine seasons of Premier League football beginning in 1992?

Manchester United


On an email, what does ‘CC' stand for?

Carbon Copy


Actor Mel Gibson of Braveheart fame was born in which country?

a) Scotland b) Australia c) USA

c) USA


According to Jewish folklore, what was the name of Adam’s first wife?



What is the capital city of Canada?



Bedford-Fillbasket, Predora and Welland are all types of which vegetable?

Brussels sprout