A Human Powered Watercraft (Round 91)

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The questions and answers within this quiz were verified and updated in July 2020.


Acrophobia is the fear of what?


These 'must have' toys of the 80's onwards came with adoption papers and birth certificates. What were they called?
Cabbage Patch Dolls


What is the name given to a curved line that forms part of the circumference of a circle?


Golf - Who won the Open Championship in 2016?

a) Rory McIlroy b) Henrik Stenson c) Fransesco Molinari
b) Henrik Stenson


Massachusetts has which major city as its capital?


Two groups had the most UK No.1 hits during the Nineties with 8 each, one was Take That, but which was the other group?
Spice Girls


What is the record speed, as of 2019, for a human powered watercraft?

a) 21.3 mph b)31.3 mph c)41.3 mph
a)21.3 mph


What is the gel-like substance that fills most of the eye?
Vitreous Humour