Halloween Quiz (Round 3)

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On halloween who or what are 'guisers'?
The children dressed in disguise


The worlds largest halloween party takes place in which city of the British Isles?

a) Birmingham b) Edinburgh c) Derry
c) Derry


Often connected to halloween, who wrote the original story of Frankenstein?
Mary Shelley


On Halloween children in costumes travel from house-to-house asking for goodies, what is this known as?
Trick or treat


Who starred as the monster in the original 1931 film Frankenstein?
Boris Karloff


Which film of 2005 starring Ryan Renolds and Melissa George is set in a house in Long Island which itself was the site of a mass murder a year earlier?
The Amityville Horror


In 'The Walking Dead' who plays the show's lead character, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes?
Andrew Lincoln


Which American science-fiction, psychological-supernatural horror television series created by Rod Serling, ran for 159 episodes from 1959?
The Twilight Zone