Human Body Quiz (Round 5)

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The inferior vena cava vein carries deoxygenated blood into which upper chamber of the heart?
Right Atrium


Ammon’s horn is a part of which major component of the human brain?


The human eye can distinguish how many different colours? a) 100,000 b) 1 million c) 10 million
c) 10 million


In which part of the body would you find papillae?
The tongue


Which is the most flexible muscle in the human body?
The tongue


Which part of the digestive system acts as a switch between the larynx and the esophagus to stop food passing into the airway to the lungs?


What is the length of the gastrointestinal tract that runs from your mouth to your anus? a) 3 feet b) 15 feet c) 30 feet
c) 30 feet


Borborygmus is the medical term for what bodily function or condition? a) production of ear wax b) stomach rumbles c) athletes foot
b) stomach rumbles