It Happened in August (Round 4)

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A quiz about historic events that happened in the month of August


August 1965 The Constitution of the Cook Islands came into force, whereby the Cook Islands had self-governing status within which country?
New Zealand.


Born in 1792 which great and influential English Romantic poet wrote "To a Skylark" and "Ozymandias"?
Percy Bysshe Shelley


Which star of "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" was born in August 1962?
Marilyn Monroe


Why was Plaid Cymru formed in 1925?
To promote the Welsh language which was in danger of dying out.


In 1960 Upper Volta (now known as Burkina Faso) became independent from which country?


In what year was Nelson Mandela jailed for 28yrs in South Africa? a) 1962 b) 1965 c) 1968
a) 1962


In August 2010 an accident at the San Jose mine, trapping 33 miners below the ground for 69 days, occurred in which country?


Born in Barbados in 1969, at which sport did Vasbert Drakes excel?


In August 1981 President Ronald Reagan sacked 11,359 striking workers who refused to return to work. What was their profession?
Air Traffic Controllers


In 1884 the cornerstone of the Statue of Liberty was laid on which island that had its name changed to Liberty Island in 1956?
Bedloe's Island