It Happened in July (Round 1)

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All the questions are about historical events that happened in the month of July.


In July 1730 one of Britains best known pottery designers was born in Burslem. Name him.
Josiah Wedgwood


July 1st is a national holiday in this Commonwealth country as it commemorates the confederation of a number of provinces in 1867. What is the country?


Founded by General William Booth in July 1865 in London, what is the organisation called?
The Salvation Army


In July 1976, Isreali commandoes rescued 103 hostages from a plane at which airport in africa?
Entebbe, Uganda


Jackie Kennedy who later became Jackie Onassis following the assassination of her husband was born in July 1929. What was her maiden name?
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.


On the 4th July the Continental Congress approved The Declaration of Independence. What was the year?


In 1885 the first successful anti-rabies inoculation was administered, by whom?
Louis Pasteur


She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic and disappeared in July 1937 whilst flying over the Pacific. What was her name?
Amelia Earhart


July 14th is a national holiday in France as it commemorates which event from 1789?
The storming of the Bastille


In July 1606 the Dutch painter known for his work 'Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq' (but better known as The Night Watch), was born in Leiden. What was his name?
Rembrandt van Rijn