July 2017 News Quiz (Round 2)

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Which city has been liberated from Islamic State after three years of jihadist rule?


Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism division has started performing “lie detector” tests on who for the first time recently?


Which footballer will become the first £1m-a-week player in a new deal to be signed this month?
Lionel Messi


The British Lions tied the final test against New Zealand when Owen Farrell scored a penalty with 2 min remaining, but what was the final score?


How much drugs and how many mobile phones were seized in prisons last year? a) 125kg and 3000 b) 175kg and 9000 c) 225kg and 13000
c) 225kg and 13000


A survey from the British Pest Control Association has revealed that Bridgend (in 2015-16) is the nations hotspot for which pest? a) Rats b) Cockroaches c) Tom Jones fans
a) Rats


Which major motor manufacurer has announced that it will discontinue making deisel or petrol-only cars by 2019 to concentrate on electric and hybrid vehicles?


Customs officials in Hong Kong have seized 7.2 tons of what, hidden in a consignment of frozen fish?