July 2017 News Quiz (Round 1)

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The UK Government's Defence Secretary defended his party's Confidence & Supply deal with the DUP last week, but what is his name?

Michael Fallon


Which English Football League club have become the first to announce plans to introduce a safe standing section for supporters?

Shrewsbury Town


The European Commission has fined which internet giant over €2.4bn after finding that the company favoured their own services at the top of search results?



Footballer Saul Niguez has signed one of the game's longest contracts with which Spanish club?

Atletico Madrid


Which long standing British TV presenter has died aged 83 this week, who was known for presenting his Film review programme for almost 26 years.

Barry Norman


What is the nationality of the Tour de France favourite Alejandro Valverde who was forced to pull out of the race on day one following injury?

a) Spanish b) Portuguese c) Argentinian

a) Spanish


Which sports film starring Geena Davis, Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna premiered 25 years ago this week?

A League of Their Own


Which British singer was forced to pull out and cancel the remainder of her UK shows following vocal chord damage?