It Happened in July (Round 2)

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The Battle of Marston Moor took place in 1644 during which war?
English Civil War


In 1881, Charles J. Guiteau shot and fatally wounded which U.S. President?
James Garfield


Which British-Italian engineer obtained a patent for radio in London in 1897
Guglielmo Marconi


Who, in 2002, became the first person to fly solo around the world nonstop in a balloon.
Steve Fossett


Which American novelist, whose debut novel was The Sun Also Rises, died in July 1961?
Ernest Hemingway


In 1938 the world speed record for a steam locomotive was set in England, by which engine, that reached a speed of 125.88 miles per hour?


The playwright Tom Stoppard left his native country as a child refugee and settled in Britain in 1946. In which country was he born?


Born in 1943, Judith Durham acheived fame as the lead singer of which group?
The Seekers


James Backus who died in July 1989, was famously the voice of which near-sighted cartoon character?
Mr Magoo


July 1802 saw the opening of the United States Military Academy where?
West Point, New York