March 2019 News Quiz (Round 4)

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Which UK attraction has become the number one visitor destination beating the British Museum?
Tate Modern


An historic space walk from the International Space Station, where for the first time both participants would be women, has had to be changed to a man and a woman, why?
They only had one spacesuit of the right size for a woman.


The world's highest paid union official is under pressure to step down from his position in which organisation?
Professional Footballers Association


Where did the British Airways flight 3271 to Dusseldorf actually end up due to a mix up with the flight plan?


A team of palaeontologists from which British museum, will travel to a site in Wyoming for its biggest dinosaur hunt in decades?
Natural History Museum


A scheme whereby drivers give up their cars in return for cash for travelling on public transport of up to £3000, is to be trialled in which city?