March 2019 News Quiz (Round 2)

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Who became the youngest self made billionaire at the age of 21, replacing Mark Zuckerberg?
Kylie Jenner


Which town, a popular location for period dramas and tourists alike, is under threat of having its famous Red Lion Square cobbles replaced by tarmac?


The Queen posted her first instagram picture this week, an image of a letter sent to Prince Albert in 1843 by Charles Babbage. From where did she post the picture?
The Science Museum


A new play that tells the true story of Victorian mountaineer Lucy Walker who whilst wearing a skirt and having champagne and sponge cake amongst her suppiles, climbed which mountain?


Lee Spencer, a former marine and amputee has just set which rowing record?
Time taken to row the Atlantic unsupported


Crufts has named Dylan as the best in show for 2019, but what type of dog is it?
A papillon