March 2019 News Quiz (Round 1)

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Questions about current events in March


Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England has slammed social media companies for allowing 'Fake news' about what?
Safety of vaccines


Who faced calls to resign recently after his department paid £33 million to settle a legal action over no-deal Brexit preparations?
Chris Grayling


What is the name of the storm that has battered parts of the UK this week?
Storm Freya


Which Labour MP criticised celebrities who travel to africa making films for the charity Comic Relief branding them 'white saviours' and prompting a row with Stacey Dooley?
David Lammy


Cross Channel services were disrupted as French police tried to round up migrants that had stormed a ferry. Where were they found to be hiding?
In the funnels


Ray Kelvin, who has stepped down due to allegations of inappropriate behaviour was founder of which clothing company?
Ted Baker