It Happened in March Quiz (Round 4)

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All questions concern events that happened in the month of March


In 1882 who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in Windsor?
Queen Victoria


Ho Chi Minh was elected the President of which country in 1946
North Vietnam


In 1681 Charles II granted a land charter to William Penn, what did that area later become?


Czech Vladimír Remek became the first non-Russian or non-American to do what?
Be launched into space


In what year did the United States adopt The Star Spangled Banner as its national anthem? a) 1891 b) 1911 c) 1931
c) 1931


Known as the Second Opium War, France and the United Kingdom declared war on which country in 1857?


The first ever organized indoor game of ice hockey was played in 1875 in which country?


In what year did Australia become fully independent from the UK? a) 1966 b) 1976 c) 1986
c) 1986


Edward VI deposed his cousin Henry VI in 1461 during which wars?
Wars of the Roses


In 1675 John Flamsteed was appointed as the first what, and was succeeded by Edmond Halley?
Astronomer Royal