Mia and Me Quiz (Round 1)

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What is the name of the magical world which Mia is transported to?


What are the items that Mia has been given which enable her transport to her magical world?
A book and a bracelet.


Who gave Mia a friendship butterfly ring.


What is the name of the first unicorn that Mia meets in the magical world?


Mia has dark brown hair as a human but what colour is her hair when she is an elf?
Dark pink.


What does Panthea want to steel in order to give herself immortality?
The ivory horn of a unicorn.


What do the young unicorns have to do in order to pass their initiation ceremony to be accepted into the herd?
Jump through a ring of Fire created by the Fire Unicorn.


What is the name of the school that Mia attends?
The International Boarding School of Florence