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All the questions relate to Flag bearers of the Olympic Opening Parade of Nations


Michael Phelps, the USA flag bearer at the 2016 games held the record for the most medals as of 2015 with 22. How many of those medals were Gold? a)16 b)18 c)20
b) 18

Who was Spain's flag bearer for the 2016 games?
Rafael Nadal

6ft 5in Lauren Jackson carried the flag for Australia in 2012. In which sport did she compete?

Katie Taylor represented Ireland at the 2012 Games and went on to win a gold in what sport?

Which much debated female South African athlete carried their flag at the 2012 opening ceremony?
Caster Semenya

Which 11 times world champion and 6 times Olympic champion carried the flag for Team GB at the 2012 ceremony?
Sir Chris Hoy

Natalie du Toit was a gold medal winner at the 2004 Paralympics but became only the 3rd amputee to contest the summer olympics when she represented which country in 2008?
South Africa

In 2008 the Ethiopian flagbearer was Mirtus Yifter a long distance runner. What was his nickname?
Yifter the shifter

He was a rowing, multi gold medalist, and carried the flag for Great Britain at the 2000 Olympics. Name him.
Matthew Pinsent

A 5000 m silver medallist at the 2000 Olympics where she represented Ireland.
Sonia O'Sullivan