Places Quiz (Round 4)

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Which English city on the south coast which features a royal pavillion was named Britain's 'happiest place to live' in 2015?



Which 'D' is an northern England town on the banks of the River Skerne?



The River Derwent enters the Irish Sea at which coastal town of Cumbria?

a) Workington b) Hartlepool c) Kendall

a) Workington


True or false; there is a village called 'Pity Me' just outside Durham?



Which town or city is the largest settlement in Scotland beginning with the letter 'D'?



True or false; Rutland Water is a naturally occuring lake

False; it was constructed in 1976


In which English county might you find the towns Darwen and Nelson?



Which is taller; the Eiffel Tower or Blackpool Tower?

Eiffel Tower (324m vs 158m)