Quick Fire Questions (Round 13)

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A set of quick questions and answers


1) Which Marvel superhero has the real name Dr. Robert Bruce Banner?



2) Footballer Carlos Tevez spent the majority of his time playing football in England for clubs in which city?



3) All four members of The Beatles were born in which decade?



4) Paisley is Scotland is often cited as Scotland's largest what?

a) town b) city

a) town


5) Which political figure became the first president of South Africa in May 1994?

Nelson Mandela


6) Crete, Lesbos and Rhodes are all islands situated within which European country?



7) Which 1991 Disney musical sees Angela Lansbury voice the character Mrs. Potts, a castle cook, turned into a teapot? She takes on a motherly attitude towards the title character, as well as her son Chip.

Beauty & The Beast


8) In which country is The Rocky Mountaineer train company based?



9) 'Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends' was a 2008 UK number one album for which band?



10) Who served as Prime Minister immediately before Margaret Thatcher?

James Callaghan