The Simpsons Quiz (Round 1 - Homer)

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What is Homer's middle name?



What is the real name of Homer's father, most often referred to as 'Grandpa' Simpson?

Abraham (Simpson II)


True or false: Homer is named after creator Matt Groening's father



In Season 4's 'Homer the Heretic', Homer decides to stay at home and have an excellent time whilst the rest of the family go where?



What are the lyrics in the Mr Plow jingle?

'Call Mr. Plow, That's my name. That name again is Mr. Plow.'


In Season 8's 'Homer's Enemy', what is the name of the new power plant employee who declares himself Homer's Enemy due to his laziness?

Frank Grimes


In Season 5's 'Deep Space Homer', with which of his friends does Homer compete with for a space on the space shuttle?



What was the name of the Grammy winning barbershop quarter Homer was lead singer?

The Be Sharps