Sports Quiz Round 7

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Helio and Carlos Gracie are the primary developers of which martial art?

a) Karate b) Capoeira c) Brazilian jiu-jitsu

c) Brazilian jiu-jitsu


2017 will see the 85th edition of which automobile endurance event held in France?

24 Hours of Le Mans


As of November 2016, French athlete Marie-Jose Perec holds the Olympic record for which track and field event?

400 metres


With which Irish sport would you associate championship winning captains Stephen Cluxton, Fionn Fitzgerald and Brian Dooher?

Gaelic football


True or false: Phil Neville was a member of England's squad for the 2002 World Cup Finals in Japan & South Korea?



Hannah Mills and Saskia Clarke won gold in which Olympic event at the 2016 Rio Games?

a) Diving b) Sailing c) Hockey

b) Sailing


True or false: Stan Collymore's move from Nottingham Forest to Liverpool broke the then British football transfer record?



The 2016 film 'The Phenom' centres around which sport?

a) Football b) Ice Hockey c) Baseball

c) Baseball


True or false: Cricketer Geoffrey Boycott has a knighthood



Which women's tennis player spent most weeks at the top of the WTA world rankings - Amelie Mauresmo or Lindsay Davenport?

Lindsay Davenport (98 weeks vs 39 weeks)