St Andrew's Day Quiz 2016

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On what day is St Andrews Day celebrated in Scotland?
30th November


The Flag of Scotland is also known as what?
Saltire or St Andrews Cross


Which mediterranean island has St Andrew as its patron saint?


What was Andrew the Apostle's occupation?


Who was Andrew the Apostle's younger brother?
Saint Peter


Which Caribbean country celebrates its Independence Day on St Andrew's day and has 2 sugar canes formed as a St Andrews Cross on its Coat of Arms?


Why does the Flag of Scotland have a cross in the form of an X?
It is thought that St Andrew was crucified on such a cross


Besides Scotland and Barbados and Cyprus, name another country that has St Andrew as their patron saint?
Any of -  Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria


The celebrations for St Andrew seem to originate from the rule of Malcolm III. Was this in the a)11th century, b)12th, or c)13th century AD?
a)11th - 1034–1093


The Saltire has been flown from all government buildings in Scotland since 2002 following a change to regulations. Why is the Union flag still flown from Edinburgh Castle?
It is still an official British Army flag flying station.