November 2016 News Quiz Round 7

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Andy Murray has just won the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, but who did he beat in the semi-final?


It has been announced that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) would be limited to what figure by 30 January 2017? a) £65,000 b) £75,000 c) £85,000
c) £85,000


Which tech company has followed the lead of some of its peers and announced that it is going to add 500 employees by 2017?


Which foreign politician has retired from politics following a humiliating result this week?
Nicolas Sarkozy


Sadiq Khan is demanding that his city be compensated to the tune of £2.5m from which company?


Which London building is planned to be renovated at a cost exceeding £350m
Buckingham Palace


The dress Marilyn Monroe wore to serenade President Kennedy at his 45th birthday celebration in 1962 has sold at auction for how much? a) $2.8m b) $3.8m c) $4.8m
c) $4.8m


What is thought to be responsible for causing the death of three people on the Great Barrier Reef in a three day period?
A venomous jellyfish


It has been estimated that rail companies are sitting on how much in unclaimed compensation for delays? a) £10m b) £50m c) £100m
c) £100m


Car insurance is set to fall by about £40 a year after the government unveiled plans to end compensation for what? a) Loss of earnings b) Whiplash c) Temporary accommodation
b) Whiplash